Angel Diamond was carried out by a deep vision at the beginning of its development. The precious stone from heaven, the place closest to the angel. With best wishes and great expectations, brings happiness to everyone on the planet who with loves in their heart.

    Through the technical methods of decomposition and strict selection, raw materials was sent to the Angel Diamond factory, after a complicated cutting polishing process, an angel Diamond will be perfectly presented in front of us.

    Angel Diamond, start from the original stone billet cultivation, cutting process, to finished bare stone classification needs professional technicians to ensure that each angel Diamond unique brightness step by step. The modern high-tech laboratory in China, after being tested and repeatedly demonstrated by a professional diamond classifier using a modern infrared spectrum detector, has carved its unique identity symbol, laser mark, for each angel Diamond. It is also equipped with a corresponding angel Diamond electronic traceability certification function card, unique laser mark and certificate for each Angel Diamond, rigorous and professional, so that each angel diamond can be certified, for customers to purchase safely.

    The cultivation process of Angel Diamond upholds the spirit of green and environmental protection and plays a very good protective role in the natural environment and ecological balance, eliminating the irreparable losses caused by the overexploitation and looting of mineral resources.

    Angel diamond following GIA stan-dard with 57 facets. The brightness of angel diamonds reaches the level of natural D-color diamonds.

    Laser engraving marks ensure that angel diamonds are cut in accordance with the "perfect diamond" cutting standards of the American Gemstone Association(GIA)